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Superb Work

This is a high quality Stop motion animation. Using the wire to mount the bodies is outstanding work. I am surprised by the good syncing. I definitely hope to see more of your work. Perhaps you can make a longer one next time?

I like your series alot

Your scenery is really what makes this movie. It is so vivid and it obviously shows some hard work. Your fight scene fell a little short for me but that is ok your whole movie doesn't revolve around fighting. I like your series alot and I have to say that it is well made

Short Sweet and Brilliant

that was good man. It was drawn decently and it did not drag on too long. I thought it was great man in fact it is better than some of the things on here that just waste so much time on a joke.

and hey it was informative too.

Falconer02 responds:

That's pretty much what I was shooting for. Thanks!

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Had some glitches but great game

It is a solid beat em up. However on the last level whenever I did Divine Might my character got stuck in that pose and couldn't move. I don't know how often that happened to other people but that is just something you should work on

It doesnt have an ending?

At the end of the second mine cart the game is just you vs way too many enemies. I ran to the end of it and I saw no reward but watched as my ammo ran dry from the million of crabs and bat things. There are too many enemies at the end and then too little to do in the mine cart level. I suggest a major inverse of the two

hipapatuk responds:

Maybe you shoulda have try kill them before they get too many. :P

Good start

It is a great start, But it is lacking. For example I love the "cute" style and the good music but the upgrades that fall from the sky are not very helpful when you cannot get them. I have seen many times when they fall and just float on the water. Also when you hit a pirate ship from upclose when you are touching the cannon balls do do damage to it. This is a problem because the enemy ships fire from a longer distance than you can fire from.

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